Ian Ippolito in Asian Business Leaders Newspaper

Ian Ippolito in
Asian Business Leaders Newspaper

Rough English Translation (via Google Chinese to English Translator):

This is another example of a victory of relying on the Internet - the original programmer Ian nationality unknown. Ippolito through the creation of crowdsourcing service for the hundreds of thousands of sites lying in every corner of the world's programmers to work opportunities. Ian. Ippolito, also known as standing on hundreds of thousands of programmers behind. This also called the Internet to share, co victory. In 2001, faced with an avalanche of programming business, Ian has been busy the past forced to give up a lot of list, allowing him to lose a lot of opportunities to make money. In 2002, Ian founded the Rent a Coder site, he also became the earliest opportunity by a group of people all the packages. In Florida Rent a Coder focus on the free use of the Internet to the world of work programmers, employers can not hire full-time employees and the labor needed to find here. Here, the company posted a job offer is free, and once the deal is reached, Rent a Coder collects 6% of the total transaction amount to 15% as a commission. There is also a benefit on the one hand through the Rent a Coder allows employers to get the money to obtain the return match, on the other programmers do not have to worry about living did not get wages. Today, 136,837 and 285,700 programmers purchasers together to form all of his business empire package. Every month thousands of programming job can be done through the Rent a Coder.

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