Friday, January 11, 2013

Exhedra Charitable Donations (2013 Update)

Ian and Elise Ippolito are proud to support worthwhile charitable organizations through our company, Exhedra Solutions, Inc.  Exhedra supports  Direct Relief International, Feeding America Tampa Bay and the Hillsborough Education Foundation. We encourage our customers to also consider giving to these worthwhile organizations.
2007 Direct Relief International $9,929.36
2008 Direct Relief International $12,232.82
2009 Direct Relief International $3,354.14
2010 Direct Relief International $2,000.00
2010 Feeding America $2,509.00
2010 Hillsborough Education Foundation $500.00
2011 Direct Relief International $8,936.89
2012 Help to entrepreneurs in poor countires via microcredit companies $61,531.00


Exhedra helps 880 poor entrepreneurs start micro-businesses with $60,0000 for training and micro-loans

Tampa, FL: Ian and Elise Ippolito announced today that Exhedra Solutions Inc. helped 880 poor entrepreneurs in 24 countries create micro-enterprises in their countries with $60,000 in training and micro-credits. 

Exhedra founder and CEO, Ian Ippolito, explained that "micro-enterprises vastly improve the lives of their owners, by giving them self-sufficiency. This gives them the ability to provide for themselves and their families and the dignity that comes with that. It also creates a wider positive social impact that affects their entire communities."

$60,0000 went to provide:
1) Business skills training and micro-credit to aid entrepreneurs who are conflict survivors in Cote d'Ivoire.
2) Business skill training and micro-credit to Nicaraguan entrepreneurs.
3) Micro-credit to marginalized women starting businesses in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Georgia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Sierra Leone.
4) Micro-credit to entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guatemala, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Tajikistan.

We encourage our customers to make the world a better place by supporting the less fortunate. Those wishing to assist budding entrepreneurs and micro-finance, can do so at sites like or the individual companies whom we have funded with our ($15,000), ($30,000) and ($15,000).

If you are a micro enterprise and wish to apply for these funds (or for any of the other millions of dollars available for qualifying micro enterprises) then you can also do so at the above links.